Mount Bromo Tour Package from Surabaya or Malang

Mount Bromo Tour Package from Surabaya or Malang. Are you ready for an incredible journey across the stunning landscapes of East Java, Indonesia? Mount Bromo is the most iconic volcanic wonder in East Java, inviting tourists from all over the world to witness its majesty.

Mount Bromo Tour Package from Surabaya or  Malang

This tour, which can be seen from all sides, promises an unforgettable adventure experience, guiding you directly from Surabaya or Malang with meeting points at train station, international airport and hotel.

Mount Bromo Tour from Surabaya or Malang

Watching the first rays of sunlight illuminate Mount Bromo from the highest peak around is the experience most awaited by every tourist. Imagine you are standing at the top while seeing the golden rays of the morning sun shining on the perch caldera of Mount Bromo surrounded by a view of thick white mist as if you were above the clouds.

Join us on an adventure starting from Surabaya or Malang because these two are the largest cities in East Java which have the easiest access to reach Mount Bromo. Make sure you are ready to admire the splendor of this volcano and have a fun adventurous experience.

Mount Bromo 1 Day Tour

1 Day Mount Bromo tour is a popular tour choice for tourists who have limited time and want to visit Mount Bromo, in one day. Without having to stay, it still allows visitors to experience the interesting things in the Bromo area, including watching the sunrise, exploring the unique volcanic landscape, and visiting other best destinations. The following is a typical Mount Bromo 1 Day Tour itinerary:

Tour departure starts at around 00.00, with pick-up from Surabaya or Malang.

Arriving in the Bromo area then change to a 4×4 jeep to get to the sunrise viewpoint. Usually the jeep will leave for the viewpoint between 02.00-03.00 depending on the location of the jeep provided by your travel agent because in Bromo there are many jeep rental places.

After driving the 4×4 jeep, then walk to the best place to see the sunrise and the Bromo volcanic landscape, generally the favorite places for tourists are Penanjakan 1 and Kingkong Hill.

At around 05.00 the sun begins to appear from the east, seeing the sunrise is the highlight of the tourist trip to Bromo. After a few minutes later, the sun was starting to rise and the surrounding views would amaze every visitor. You will have the opportunity to enjoy views of the surrounding volcanic landscape and sometimes white clouds also cover the entire Bromo area so that many say it is as if you are in heaven.

The next trip is to explore the Bromo crater, after being satisfied with seeing the sunrise and volcanic landscape, then return to the jeep and go up to the sea of sand which is the vehicle parking location. From there, all visitors who want to go to the Bromo crater must walk or can rent a horse to reach the steps of Mount Bromo to reach the crater rim.

Climbing the stairs to the rim of Mount Bromo’s crater is an important part of this experience. Be prepared for a relatively easy but steep climb. You have to climb a series of 250 steps to reach the top, from where you can see the active volcanic crater.

After that, return to the 4×4 jeep and return to the transit location and our driver will take you to the original location / next location which has been agreed upon as the end of this trip.

Mount Bromo 2 Days Tour

Mount Bromo Tour 2 Days 1 Night is a travel package specifically designed to visit Mount Bromo and its surroundings. This tour requires you to stay near Mount Bromo. This is a popular Bromo tour package that is in great demand by tourists because this way they can more closely experience the beauty of Mount Bromo as a whole. The following is a typical Mount Bromo 2 Day Tour itinerary:

Day 1: Surabaya or Malang to Mount Bromo

The adventure begins as our experienced team greets you at your hotel, the train station, or the airport in Surabaya or Malang. With comfortable transportation, we’ll whisk you away on a scenic drive to Mount Bromo. Your accommodation offers stunning views of Bromo, Batok, and Mount Kursi. Depending on your starting point, the drive can take anywhere from 2,5 to 3 hours, but we assure you, it’s worth every moment.

Day 2: Mount Bromo Sunrise and Surabaya or Malang

Rise and shine for an early morning adventure to Mount Pananjakan, perched on the rim of the Tengger Caldera. It’s from here that you’ll witness the mesmerizing sunrise with Mount Bromo and active Mount Semeru in the background. The landscape is nothing short of breathtaking, as the morning sun casts captivating shadows over the volcanoes.

After the sunrise experience, you’ll continue your journey with a foot or riding horse to the active Mount Bromo volcano. When the clock strikes 8:00 AM, we’ll return to the hotel for a hearty breakfast and time to refresh. Pack your essentials as we prepare to leave Mount Bromo and return to Surabaya or Malang and tour is ended.

Mount Bromo Tour Package Price

ParticipantPrice Per Person (Bromo 1 Day)Price Per Person (Bromo 2 Days)
1IDR 2.400.000IDR 3.500.000
2IDR 1.400.000IDR 1.985.000
3IDR 1.050.000IDR 1.550.000
4IDR 900.000IDR 1.335.000
5IDR 800.000IDR 1.200.000

Tour Package Price Included and Exclude

Tour Include :

  1. Pick Up and Transfer Out Services to Surabaya (Private Car + Gasoline + Driver)
  2. Rent Jeep 4WD in Bromo (Sunrise in Penanjakan / Kingkong Hill and Bromo Crater) ==> makes it possible to add other interesting places such as the Savanna, Teletubbies Hill and Whispering Sands
  3. Mineral water during the trip
  4. Toll/Parking
  5. Entrance fee Mount Bromo Tengger Semeru (Foreign Tourism)
  6. Accommodation Hotel include breakfast (If you choose 2 days tour package)

Tour Exclude :

  1. Travel Insurance
  2. Horse riding at sea of sand Mt. Bromo (optional)
  3. Meals During Trips

Bromo tour package offers a number of benefits that make your travel experience easier, and more enjoyable. For the best price and book a tour package, please contact our online service below.

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E-Mail : liburanbromomurah(@)

Optional Tour Program

If you have more time for a holiday, additional experiences that might be interesting include Madakaripura waterfall, Tumpak Sewu waterfall and Ijen crater. If you are more inclined to adventure to volcanoes, Mount Bromo Ijen tour can be a reference for your tour package in East Java, Indonesia. However, if you like exploring natural attractions such as volcanoes and waterfalls, the 4 day 3 night Bromo Ijen Waterfall tour is worth considering.

How far is Bromo from Surabaya

Surabaya is around 2.5 – 3 hours drive depending on where you start. Surabaya is the largest city and capital of East Java, and most tours start from there because it is easier for foreign tourists.

If you are in Surabaya and want to go to Bromo, you don’t need to come to Malang because the distance is almost the same. Often tourists choose the wrong route to Bromo because they think that Bromo is in the Malang area.

How to get to Bromo from Malang

Malang City is the second best choice to start the journey to Bromo. Mount Bromo from Malang takes around 1.5 – 3 hours depending on the transportation used and the route used because there are 3 gates to Mount Bromo that can be passed.

Mount Bromo Tour Package from Surabaya or Malang
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